Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Relic

I had almost picked up one of these while vacationing back in March. My wife and I took a little tour of NE Central Ohio and saw a different make up on the third floor of a nice little Millersburg antique shop. The owner advised me that it was hard to get parts for and to go with a more mainstream brand.

As fortune, or God's blessing, would have it - my mom that very week called me to let me know she'd found one through her work classifieds. And for a good price. She picked it up, I sent her some money, and this past week when we returned from a visit, I brought it home.Can you guess what it is? A foot powered Singer Sewing machine. This thing will push a steel needle through anything! (fingers too). Why am I so excited about this? My love of making things extends to anything practical, and that includes clothes, sacks, pouches - anything I can do with strong fabric, leather, woven nylon - you name it, I want to be able to make it. The fact that I won't need electricity to make it work is also very keen.

Total price, $125. I paid probably too much, but it came with two replacement belts in their original packaging, three wood casks containing a total of 6 replacement needles, the original wood box containing all the attachments and 20 or so spools of thread in various colors. This thing rocks, or will once I figure out how to replace the belt (broken) and operate it!