Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tips from the Shop: Recyled Ear Plugs

Getting my shop in order was one small oasis of peace and tranquility in my otherwise chaos ridden world. Having had some time to play there (every man should have a play place!) I managed to snap some pics of little tips I came upon as I was going about being resourceful in my quest to do things that are fun.

Today's tip is making your own comfy recycled ear plugs - without the wax. :-) Yeah - the first thought I have when I hear "recycled" and "ear plug" is --- eeeeww! Well, stop wasting money on those throw away foam inserts that just get sticky and gross and then lost, dirty, found, washed in an attempt to salvage and then tossed.

Start keeping the ruined shirts you would throw away due to stains, tears, or other conditions that render them undesirable as clothing. I have kept a few torn pairs of jeans, a few shirts ruined by bleeding colors in the wash and the like.

From one such shirt, I chose a soft bi-layer cotton rayon mix, I cut strips of cloth about two inches long and a half to three quarters inch wide using, of course, tin snips. It's a manly shop - we can't do with ordinary scissors!

Pencil provided for size comparison.

Just role this up like you would a very stout cigarette....
... and twist it into your ear canal in the direction of the wrap.They fit my ears quite well at the size specified and cut noise from the table saw by about half. Some important notes - the cloth is wider than my ear is deep - important! You don't want to stuff something in your ear you can't get out! Also, the cloth is soft and of a material I am not allergic to. Use your good and common sense when using make-do safety gear!

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