Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reuse Old Stickies

I was talking on the phone today while fidgeting with a used up sticky note. Staring at my keyboard during this stimulating conversation (it had to do with project accounting... that always makes for riveting discussion), I noticed the layer of dust on the sides of my keys. Between the rows, between the keys, along the edges... my keyboard was filthy!

So, like any 4 year old could probably point out, sticky things (like say food dropped on the floor) attract fuzz. I think it was the events of the weekend which saw me use the better portion of a bottle of fabric cleaner on the carpet to remove previously fuzzed food that made me realize what a perfect dust attractor the sticky side of a post-it (oop - sticky) makes.

So, here's my reuse tip for sticky notes that are headed for the bin. Put some dust on them first and do a little cleaning in the process.

One used up sticky had enough stickiness to clean most of my keyboard. A hastily scribbled note provided the raw materials for the remainder of the needed cleaning. :-)


Chris said...

LOL - I "linked" here from your LI profile, from Eileen's SPIN new invite post. I never would have thought to use sticky notes in this manner :)

J E Carter II said...

Hehe - and I thought I was very creative and original when I came across this - even submitted it to life hacker - only to find there were 26+ thinks to do with post-its posted on life hacker more than a year ago.