Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Basement Update

I had hoped that with winter firmly in place, I would have plenty of time to work on the basement. Unfortunately, what I really need right now is a day warm enough to open the windows for some cross ventilation while I finish painting the doors, door jambs and stain the inside of my built-in cabinets. Absent moderate temperatures, things are largely idle. But, we did get the carpet installed back in November and it looks terrific with the base boards and edging paint I chose.

Here you can see the high gloss interior latex, "Cherrywood", I chose for the stair case as the wood wasn't pretty enough for traditional stain. It's a good match for the stain process I've been showing.

And here's one of those stained base boards, just set in place for now.I'll need to get the painting done as that is a task dependency for the door trim, which in turn is a task dependencie for these base boards before they can be nailed in place. I can at least imagine what it will look like when complete. :-)