Friday, April 11, 2008

Compound Miter Saw Cuts Time

Several weekends back I became the proud, and happy, owner of a Task Force compound miter saw with laser guide with 10" blade for the affordable cost of $78. I had planned to do the trim in the basement with the manual miter saw my dad inherited from a long dead business partner, but I needed this saw for an upcoming paver cutting field day, so I dropped the money on it now to use it for the tender trim boards before I give it a real thrashing cutting bricks.

And, as requested by friends, coworkers and family, here are a couple of shots of the trim boards actually nailed and puttied in place. First we have some base board detail...

I'm using a dark brown putty pencil to fill the nail holes and cover the seams where needed. In some extreme cases (poor workmanship) I've taken some of the top coat polyurethane on a rag and rubbed it into the areas that needed some more color. So far I've only had to do that once on the door to the right in this image of the Shop door. You can't see where - the point really - but only because the affected are is so small.

The above somewhat shows the color scheme - though it's a bit over exposed. Camera phones are only just so good... and not much better. But the red theme is carried over to the window sash and sliding door as well. Each will be trimmed with the same deep reddish brown stained wood.

I took a sample to work to show a friend where it was pronounced gorgeous. I am really pleased with the color choices I made with my wife's help. When it's all done... probably a year from now... it will be a really nice office and library.