Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DIY TV Repair

I confess, that title sounds like the lead in for a comedy sketch or a photographic essay on the misapplication of duct-tape.  But, by the grace of God, it's the truth.  Our TV started flaking out last Thursday and my resourceful wife Googled the model number and problem description and was able to secure information and detailed instruction for repair.  Armed with this knowledge, I set about deconstructing our 5 year old (bought factor refurbished no less) flat panel TV.  After about 40 screws were removed and carefully grouped on the workbench by geographic origin, I was able to gingerly dislodge the circuit board for the power supply, locate the three failed capacitors (bulged out on top a slight bit rather than perfectly flat) and remove them.

The following morning, out for breakfast with Offspring #1, we picked up three new capacitors with the same mili-jule rating (1000uf) at a slightly higher voltage, 35v as opposed to the parts being replaced which were 25v.  I also needed a desoldering tool as I couldn't clear the holes on the board with my improvised bit of wire.  All told, the cost was $16.33 including tax.  I think the capacitors were only $1.87 a piece or so... expensive as capacitors go but the price to pay for one-off access (in multiples of 3).

My wife and I agreed, $16.33 is much more affordable than a new TV or a $75 minimum repair look-see.  And, to my amazement, the  whole thing works just fine... and I learned a bit about capacitors.

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