Monday, March 11, 2013

Old Plastic

I'm not a huge fan of using credit cards, but I am a fan of reusing them once they have served their purpose.  I wanted to pass along a couple of tips - before you cut your old card up and dispose of the pieces in geographically dispersed public trash cans, check out a couple of uses I found for them.

1. Shims - Seems whenever I'm working on a project, the need to fill a tiny crevice with something pretty much non-compressible comes up.  Often times cedar shims are used, but sometimes I'll have a build where that's too much or I need more material strength with less size.  I keep a stash of carefully sliced credit cards in my parts bin.

Carefully sliced to the most commonly needed sizes with a craft mat and  X-acto

2. Guitar pick!  Yeah, probably an easy one to come up with.  The trick is to smooth the picking edge.  This is my funk pick.  Yep.  You heard me.  As funky as I can get on a 5 string beat-to-death 30 year old Epiphone classical acoustic.
Master the possibilities

And just because I love it, the glorious parts bin.

When you're sure you're going to need that part... some day.