Monday, April 29, 2013

Strain Relief for Longer Stock

Getting the workshop organized is a skill and an ongoing battle.  One of the tricks I use to keep things tidy is to make use of my overhead space for hanging stock of all dimensions.  I use what I have on hand, like some old bed rails for short stock, or as pictured below, some heavy nylon rope and staples for longer stock.

Hung up
The trick to keep it in place even loaded with a good quantity of clear pine is the little bend and two staples.  It's this way on both sides and is a strain relief design you'll find inside many electronics where the power cord enters the case.  Typically the cord wraps a post and is crimped by the housing in a way that prevents the cord from pulling loose.

This was a really cheap fix for getting a lot of window casing trim off my work bench.  It's also spaced so as to keep the wood from sagging at the ends, providing good support all along.  Careful measuring of the lengths of rope and placement to ensure a level support bed for the stock is a good idea too.

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