Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Home, New Projects

I had just laid plans for how I wanted to finish my garden shed when we became the proud parents of our third child.  This was not unexpected, but it put a strain on our living conditions that was somewhat unexpected, but mostly just something we were ignoring.   During that time we were approached by a buyer.  I had mentioned the idea of selling the place years ago and recently as well and word had gotten round to a serious buyer.

This put virtually every project I had lined up for this past summer on hold and totally changed my planning.  But it was a welcome, though not a struggle free change.  First we discovered water damage in our old house and I was fortunate to be referred to a very competent builder experienced in rehabbing box windows, like ours, with water problems.  Then we discovered a problem with the septic field being too wet, but more regular mowing and some switching of the diverter box resolved that issue for the most part.  Finally, we were able to sell the home, but it took a whole month to get our heaps of junk out (Mostly all of my scrap lumber).

But, gradually we are settling into the new place with more acreage and a practically blank canvas to work with.  The house was move-in ready with little needed but for some bathroom fixtures.  The property, however, is almost 100% clover and wildflowers.  We are carefully planning out a mini-farm that should keep me busy for years to come.  I expect a lot more projects will come your way through these pages as a result of this move and I look forward to sharing them with you.

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