Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick Patch and Paint Tricks

The first project in our new home has been to add some fixtures to our somewhat austere bathroom.  We wanted to upgrade the light, add a mirror, a hand towel loop and a couple of towel hooks beside the shower.  This led to some unplanned paint and patch work.  Initially I was fearful this would turn an afternoon project into a multi-day project, but my stash of supplies saved me and produced a technique I will use again in the future, and recommend to you now.

Removing the old light fixture revealed a white rectangle on the light green bathroom wall.  The new fixture mounts to a circular plate only, leaving a big white area to contend with, as well as some screw holes and surface damage from removing the old fixture which was painted in.

Normally I would use plaster or mud for this, but these products take up to 24 hours to dry enough to become workable with sand paper.  By the grace of God, I had no mud.  But, I did have some Elmer's quick set wood filler and the previous home owner had thought to keep and leave the paint they used 4 years ago.  The wood filler dries quickly and can be sanded after 15 minutes of cure time.  Using this, and a hair dryer to quickly dry coats of paint, I was able to sand high spots with my shop-vac sander, fill holes and divots, sand again, paint, sand, fill and paint once more in the space of about 2 hours.

Had I used mud and let the paint air dry, this would have taken a couple of days of a tool strewn bathroom and disgruntled wife.  Thank God for Elmer's wood filler!  Having figured this process out will greatly accelerate future patch and paint work around the house.

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