Friday, June 23, 2017

Episode 5 - Baby Steps with CNC

I've been super busy since last October, as per the norm.  A lot of little projects have gotten done but I've been sharing mostly to a group on Facebook so less attention has gone into longer style blog posts.  I did however sit down and make a video just to talk through some of the work going on with my CNC efforts, which began in earnest early this year with the purchase of an X-Carve 1000.  As a hobby machine, this is close to middle or high quality for the price point, which came in around $1,700 USD.  It is produced as a kit, manufactured by Inventables.  So far, I like the hardware and the controller is pretty good.  The free software, Easel, which is closed source, presents some frustrations.  I aim to overcome those however by purchasing a third party CAD CAM title, as yet to be decided.  I'm trialing CAMBAM at the moment, which is promising but proves difficult to work with due to some minor unintuitivities with the way editing works.

Anyway, here's the video.  I hope to have a few more posts to update soon - nothing terribly exciting but some good things to talk through from a project perspective, including a new larger work table.